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TPU High Strength Tarpaulin Material
Applications: Soft containers: Soft liquid storage tank (bag), soft oil storage tank (bag), soft water storage tank (bag). Inflatable products: Inflatable jacks, inflatable boats, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, cushion air bags, etc. Others: protective cover, tent material, snow boot material, etc. Characteristics: Outstanding environmental performance: It can pass various international food (or drinking water) certifications such as FDA, EU directive 10/2011, NSF61, etc. Good temperature resistance: Withstand temperatures of -70℃ to 80℃, and special products can withstand high temperatures up to 100~120℃. Excellent physical and mechanical properties: Tensile strength up to 7000N/50mm. Processability: Suit for high-frequency welding, high-temperature welding, gluing, stitching and other processing techniques. Excellent oil resistance: It can be used to hold industrial oils, fuel oils,etc., and can pass GJB4219A, GJB6660, GJB5482 and other standard requirements of soft oil bladder materials.

Technic Parameter

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