Talent Strategy

“SIJIA”-Talent concept

Philosophy of SIJIA technology talents: Treat each other sincerely , develop together;

Standard of SIJIA technology talents: Combination of morality, ability, knowledge and performance;

Platform of SIJIA technology talents:Diligent people have opportunities, capable people have stages, and the well-performed people have status;

"Treat each other sincerely and develop together" is the talent cultivation concept that Sijia Technology always adheres to.The company promotes humanized and transparent management and is committed to sharing with employees harmoniously. The company is helping employees realize their personal value and tries its best to realize the common growth of the enterprise and employees.

The company has established a reasonable salary system, and also a high standard of training system and examination mechanism.The company motivates employees and improves their overall quality through continuous training in order to meet the needs of the company's management, technology, production, marketing and other jobs.

SIJIA organizes trips for employees at public expense every year, and arranges various activities on holidays to enrich their spare time, expand their horizons and increase their knowledge. Employees enjoy five insurance policies for pension, unemployment, work injury, maternity and medical care, paid training, year-end bonuses, birthday bonuses and other benefits.          

Here, how big the heart is, how big the stage is.

Here, we need professionalism, passion and transcendence.

Here, cooperation is advocated and self-challenge is encouraged to be created continuously.

We have created brilliance, and also experienced difficult competition, through four seasons and created an elite team that can withstand hardships. Now, SIJIA stands on a higher starting point and is in a critical period of rapid development. It’t in urgent need of elites who are willing to develop and grow with SIJIA for a long time, we will provide you with the stage to fully realize your self-worth and continuous development space.

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