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Sijia Group was selected as a benchmark enterprise for the integration of information technology and manufacturing industry in Fujian Province

2023-11-28    Source:    Hit:537

Recently, Sijia was named 2023 "Fujian Province, a new generation of information technology and manufacturing integration development of new models of new business benchmarking enterprise."

By establishing the integrated management system and integrating the advanced digital management platform with automated production equipment, Sijia solves the long-term problems of "urgent product structure adjustment, difficult product quality traceability, and low production efficiency" faced by the manufacturing industry. Sijia actively responds to the global production demand of "small batch diversification" with automated and intelligent production thinking, and transforms from mass production to on-demand production to meet the downstream market's demand for product diversification.

In the future, Sijia will give full play to the demonstration and leading role of "benchmarking enterprise", continue to respond to the call of the country, and contribute to the digital transformation of the industry.

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