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产品应用: 医疗隔离舱、防护服、医疗床垫、充气气囊、充气筏、帐篷、箱包。 产品特性: 1)杰出的环保性能:可以通过FDA、EU directive 10/2011、NSF61 等各类国际食品(或饮用水)级认证。 2)耐温性良好:可耐受-70-80℃的温度区间,特殊产品耐受高温可以达到100-120℃。 3)优异的物理机械性能:拉伸强度高达7000N/50mm 的材料。 4)加工性好:适应高频焊接、高温焊接、黏胶、针车等加工工艺。 TPU Composite material Applications: Medical isolation cabins, protective garment, medical mattresses, inflatable air bags, inflatable rafts, tents, luggage. Characteristics: 1)Outstanding environmental performance: It can pass various international food (or drinking water) certifications such as FDA, EU directive 10/2011, NSF61, etc. 2)Good temperature resistance: Withstand temperatures of -70℃ to 80℃, and special products can withstand high temperatures up to 100-120℃. 3)Excellent physical and mechanical properties: Tensile strength up to 7000N/50mm. 4)Good processibility: Suit for high-frequency welding, high-temperature welding, gluing, stitching and other processing.
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