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In 2020, Sijia Group has achieved tremendous development and achievements, which cannot be separated from the support and help of every close friends and clients.

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Sijia Group would like to express our sincerely thanks to government leaders at all levels, strategic partners, friends from all walks of life and all Sijiar for their care, support and help over the past 20 years. We wish everyone have a happy and healthy new year!


As the only one enterprise which produce antimicrobial membrane material for negative pressure medical isolation cabin in Fujian, in the beginning of 2020Sijia coordinate personnel and materials with the highest efficiency, maximize production capacity into epidemic prevention products, quickly introduce new production equipment, race against time to produce epidemic prevention materials such as materials for medical isolation cabin, and expand global production capacity for prevention and control materials.

Sijia medical isolation cabin is applied in the production processing of isolation pod body and during the periodall isolation pod body are made by customer are sent to Wuhan.

Sijia tent material is applied for producing the medical temporary tents and hospitals.

From Qingdao to Shijiazhuang, SiJia membrane material power again, co-operate with the customer to create the "Huoyan" nucleic acid testing laboratory.

Sijia super core flooring is applied to the floor of protective clothing aseptic production workshop to assist in the production of medical protective clothing



In 2020, with the increasing of orders, for that, Fujian Sijia is added 1 new TPU medical material intelligent production line and 2 DWFDouble Wall Fabric material intelligent production lines; Shanghai Sijia is invested for the DWF production line and the second coating intelligent line is launched smoothly.

Many intelligent production lines are produced smoothly, which release the production tight lead time problem of Sijia Group. In 2020, Sijia not only accomplish all kinds of tasks, but also create new record of the main economic indicators. The group's total annual sales rise sharply.



In recent years, Sijia has continuously promoted the intelligent transformation, realizing "machine replacing human, management replacing brain". At present, the production process of Sijia Super Core Flooring has basically realized intelligent and automatic production, which effectively improves the flexibility of production and promotes technological innovation and breakthrough.


In 2020, Sijia is still active in the domestic and international market, which fully demonstrate the Sijia Group enterprise strength and brand strength, a marked increase in the influence and popularity, to be an international well-known brands Decathlon global first tier supplier, Arjo Group 2020 excellent co-operation supplier in medical area. The cooperation relationship is close between us, and we will jointly discuss the research and development of new products and achieve product technological breakthroughs.



"High performance functional TPU/PET fiber composite with key technology R&D and industrialization" project won the First prize of scientific and technological progress in Fujian Province, and the new high-strength industrial polyester fiber drop stitich won the Single champion product of Fujian Province manufacturing industry, “Thousands of Enterprises Helping Thousands of Villages” to help villages enrich the people in 2020, Fujian Province’s green factory, and Chief Engineer of the Technology R&D Center, He Chaojin won the Fujian Provincial May 1st Labor Medal...



Sijia sticks to innovate and develop. In 2020, Sijia technology team has developed more patterns and better performance materials, such as carbon fiber material, aircraft parking garage materials, digital and grass camouflage materials, high flame retardant and air-tight tent materials.

Sijia Super Core brand also promote herringbone, colorful hexagons, irregular gradient floor, they meet the increasing market demand, attracting many new customers to choose Sijia products.

In recent years, with the diligent effort of Sijia technology team, Sijia won the a number of patents.



Sijia never slack staff's training. Sijia tries its best to meet the learning needs of employees, and conducts targeted training according to employees in different stages and positions.

In order to let employees have a deeper understanding of products, equipment, company management and other aspects, the SIJIA training materials editing committee dedicated themselves to compiling the fourth volume of SIJIA training materials to help employees integrate into the company faster and become familiar with their jobs. At the same time, the book "SIJIA Positive Energy Thinking Life 4" also provides employees with new energy for reading and learning in their spare time, so that they can always maintain a positive state.

In addition, in 2020, the total salary of on-the-job employees of Sijia increased a lot from the same period last year. Among which the increase of production line monitor in floor workshop is as high as 47%.



Sijia has existed the lean management system for two years, during this period, tutors and lean office lead all the staff carrying out the management methods and tools, promoting the project improvement , obtaining many achievements: employee ideas gradually from “Supervisor want me to do" into "I should do it," workshop also become more neat and orderly, also the quantity and quality of proposal are improving...


During the period of epidemicSijia group not only donate anti-epidemic funds, which for foreign customers, schools in Fuzhou, and front-line anti-epidemic staffs in towns and villagesbut also Sijia employees donate money and material spontaneously to the epidemic area in Wuhan to support the front-line anti-epidemic work. In addition, Fujian Sijia by dropping Xianghu ecological construction base, with the Haiyou Village to build Sijia park, participation nutrient-laden source pairing gold assistance support activities, donations, Shanghai Sijia is signed with Caojing Town barracks village pair to sign “ the enterprise agreement “ and so on, measures and more power out of poverty to promote rural revitalization.

In the meantime, Sijia is concerned about the education of teenagers, pays attention to the development of rural education, enriches rural education resources by donating money and materials, and sets up "Art School", where external teachers teach musical instruments, calligraphy, painting and other art courses for employees’ children and the children of surrounding villagers.



In order to achieve the goal of 20th anniversary, we have to make unremitting efforts. In 2021, the Sijia Group do will do:

· Achieve large-scale growth in total sales volume of the Group;

·Innovating research and development, strengthening industry-university-research cooperation, achieving technological breakthroughs in drop stitch materials, PVF fluorine functional composite materials, super core flooring and other products;

·Continue intelligent transformation and build an intelligent vertical warehouse to maximize efficiency and productivity;

·Accelerate the layout of domestic and international market, and improve the brand awareness and reputation of Sijia;

·In-depth lean management, achieve the goal of increasing efficiency and reducing wastage, and take lean management to a new level;

·Strengthen team building and training, to achieve continuous increasing of average salary of the Group;

·Purchase 630 acres of land and build 400,000 square meters of workshop for capacity upgrading, new product development and industrial scale;

· Continue to invest in environmental protection facilities and carry out the work of "energy saving”;

·Undertake corporate social responsibility and continue to pay attention to the development of surrounding villages , towns and the society.

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