Shared space: Qinghua THAD,Technology Guest Designer Platform , Lin Chuhui

2021-02-15    Source:    Hit:96

The year of the ox Spring Festival is coming, located in the capital Beijing, the North China office of Sijia Super Core ,Gorgeous vernal scenery, full of people.

On the conference, invited to THAD seventh branch leadership and related designers, THAD building materials and the construction epidermis research center director---Li Cheng Lei, qingkong water and wooden Construction Engineering Co. Ltd  General manager ---Yao Zheng Zhi and other related colleagues, central green industry alliance secretary--- Li Xiang zhe.founder of the technology designer platform President jiang--Jiang Da, China council for the promotion of forestry development, ecological health committee secretary  ---Wang Jia and deputy secretary ---Li Fei, secretary of the China Great Wall painting--- Lin jie and the  professor--- Hong Tao  gudie the scene, showing China's top professional field units and sharing platform on the theme "new material" concern and attention.

All leaders put forward their own opinions on the space design and visual communication of new materials, and discussed the application of new materials in various fields in the future, especially their own ideas on energy saving, environmental protection and recycling.At the same time, it is also proposed that the shared space can provide a better activity platform and communication space for domestic and foreign designers and the new material industry.

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