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Sijia vinyl flooring paves a characteristic shopping mall

2021-01-30    Source:    Hit:93

In the context of the implementation of urban renewal actions, the transformation and upgrading of shopping malls tends to achieve the integration of culture, life and industry, highlighting characteristics, avoiding homogenous competition, and creating an attractive shopping environment.

Nanning Parkson Pedestrian Street Plaza

Nanning Parkson Pedestrian Street Plaza takes the Yong culture theme block as the scene, and incorporates local historical and cultural elements in the decoration design. Sijia Vinyl Flooring-Future Master Series, the light gray stone pattern and color are both quaint and modern, helping to realize the Yong culture The integration with the modern decoration style of the store brings a brand-new fashion life experience to the city.

Guangzhou Friendship Store

In this case, 3 different types of Sijia vinyl flooring are used to realize the division of space function areas. Using wood grains of different series and colors to distinguish shopping channels and commodity display areas, the space division is more coordinated.

Sijia vinyl flooring breaks through the limitations of traditional flooring. It provides healthier ground solutions for public spaces with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; it serves the transformation of shopping malls with more comprehensive performance such as scratch resistance and green environmental protection. upgrade.

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